Peer-Reviewed Publications

Doing Well and Doing Good? How Concern for Others Shapes Policy Preferences and Partisanship Among Affluent Americans – Forthcoming at Public Opinion Quarterly (with Martin Gilens)

College Socialization and the Economic Views of Affluent AmericansAmerican Journal of Political Science – July 2017 (with Tali Mendelberg and Katherine McCabe)

Class Isolation and Affluent Americans’ Perception of Social ConditionsPolitical Behavior – June 2017

Working Papers

The Meaning of Money and the Origin of Affluent Class Interests (Under Review)

When Poor Students Attend Rich Schools: Do Affluent Social Environments Increase or Decrease Participation? (with Tali Mendelberg, Tanika Raychaudhuri, and Vittorio Merola)

Deporting the Latino Vote: Secure Communities and Latino Voter Turnout (with Vladimir Medenica and Ali Valenzuela)

Works in Progress

Social Media, Status Consciousness, and Support for Free Market Policies

Are Political Elites Out Of Touch? Evidence from the 2018 Midterm Elections

Can Education in Prisons Reduce the Negative Effects of Incarceration on Civic Engagement? (with Matthew Denney)